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Infomate is a premium trans-national provider of high end Technology solutions for various industries since 2006. Infomate prides on always being a step ahead of its counterparts in terms of standard technology and unique customizations. Our design and system integration capabilities cover a wide spectrum of IT infrastructure solutions. Our customers range from telecommunication service operators to large enterprises, utilities, defense and government organizations.

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Infomate's brilliant dedicated wing believes in the process of continual improvement and is always on the lookout for meliorating existing products and creating new ones to make the lives of this Smartphone generation easier.

Online Advisors

Our company is dedicated to serving customers by delivering the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding Current Technology and Invention, policies, and procedures. The dedicated customer care team will ensure instant assistance and support.

New Technologies

We believe in crafting innovations for the future, at a pace beyond convention. All vital components of this innovative invention have been sourced from major players in UAE, so as to ascertain that the business infomate offers is durable.

Research and Development

Our R&D Investigative activities that a business chooses to conduct with the intention of making a discovery. We able to research and analyze the products other businesses are creating, as well as the new trends within the industry.


The company expertise in Embedded IT activities and has clients from diverse Industries such as Government Entity, Ministry level Authorities, SEWA, FEWA, consumer, energy, transportation, communications, navigation, off-highway, oil and gas, mining, medical etc.

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We've helped hundreds of businesses over the last decade improve the way they work. Such as Government entity, Business entrepreneurship, Multi National Corporate Companies and Institutions. We could help you too...


Our professional services designed to facilitate the use of technology by enterprises and end users. Technology services provide specialized technology-oriented solutions by combining the processes and functions of software, hardware, networks, telecommunications and electronics.

Fleet Management

Infomate offers customers a highly secured data pool where all incoming information about vehicles, users and other applications are stored, sorted and structured. Hence, users can access all vital information regarding vehicle position, routes, reports and expenses from the past using their phone or PC. Be it the exact location of each vehicle and turn it in to automated transportation. So sit back and relax while we help you streamline your fleet operations.

Real Time Tracking

Track your vehicle down to seconds with utmost precision, ranging from location, speed and engine status.

Safe&Secure parking

If an intruder tries to key in your vehicle or to remove the device, an alarm in your phone will immediately alert you.

Customized alerts

Customized panel for alerts, so user can create alerts rules and schedule based on interest.

Engine Immobilizer

Use your phone or PC to Disable or Enable your vehicle remotely.

Scheduled route

Deviation from scheduled route will generate event and it gives you a comparison on remote location and route congestion.

Fuel management

With the assistance of state-of-the-art equipment notifies you about vehicle’s fuel refill and pilferage

Vehicle maintenance

Maintenance report, Service management, service remainder and much more…

Trip management

Schedule and organize your vehicle’s trip between any two locations and get notified when it leaves the starting point and reaches the destination.

Expense manager

Fleet management solution gives you a complete expense solution in the sense of transportation and vehicle maintenance.

Customized reports

Customized reports allow you to generate reports as your need for the high level managerial reference and as well as operational level.

Scheduled report

Our scheduled email will send the reports automatically whenever you want.

History play back

This unmatched feature lets you spot the position of your vehicle anytime in the past as the route travelled up to 6 month backup.

POI and Geo-Fencing

Mark geographic boundary to restrain the movement and get notifications when the vehicle covers them.

Multiuser hierarchy

For owners of multiple vehicles, Infomate offers the option of viewing all of them in a single screen.

Driver Management

A driver changing vehicles should never lead to an incomplete picture of their driving behaviors.

Student Management

Our top priority is offering you school management solution that suits your school client’s needs and is easy to learn and use.

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  • This smart team help me to fulfil my requirements. Fleet Management solution, it has helped us stay organized and efficiently collaborate.

    Patrick -
  • I have just never experienced an easier way to reach my staffs. Infomate IT Infrastructure System help us to communicate with staffs in a controlled way.

    Thomson -
  • Appreciate the professionalism of Infomate UAE and the customer service too. we are enjoying great solution last 8 years. Thank you very much guys.

    Federica -



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